SÃO PAULO. Caos. Paixão. Missão

This week marks 1 year living in São Paulo. The following video is just a glimpse of some of the things I have experienced with my camera.

I really struggled on how to portray my year whether it be through random images or categorized sequences. It could have honestly gone 100 different ways but this is how it came out. Rushed to finish it so its not as clean as I would have liked.

São Paulo is an incredibly diverse concrete jungle that is South Americas engine. It is a very interesting place.

10 million people – Metropolitan Area of SP
20 million people – City of SP
40 million people – State of SP

This will THANKFULLY be the last video that I shoot with my crap Nikon p100. JUST BOUGHT A CANON 60d!

Thank you to all the people that I have met so far in Brazil!


Cameras: Nikon p100
GoPro HD

Music: Prelude by Bonobo
Kiara by Bonobo
Dimdanana by Jasmon (Putumayo Collection)
Mina do Condominio by Seu Jorge
Fanfarra (Cabua-Le-Le) by Sergio Mendes

By Julian Moura-Busquets



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